I do love Monday’s!

Happy Monday to you all! At I2K HQ we’ve had our usual busy weekend. Saturdays I tend to take the full day to work on custom orders, and this weekend was no exception! I got 2 small orders compeleted.

Completed Orders

First up, something always close to my heart as a full-term breastfeeding mum, a booby beanie. This one is my first ever 100% cotton one for a vegan customer, because even though I love natural fibres, not everything has to be wool!


Next up were 2 very cute little kids bracelets, these a custom order for another vegan customer. Ordered while doing a Market event over on Facebook with Sam’s Magical Threads. The beautiful hand dyed cotton was from one of my favourite Indie dyers over at Rainbow Fusions


That brings me quite perfectly to the project that will be ongoing into this week! These are for the fabulous dyer behind Rainbow Fusions herself. This yarn was dyed by her and sent to me to knit up. I always love getting to make beautiful things with yarn that I’ve not purchased myself. So this is Aurora colourway from RF. I also want to credit Evan Sent Crafts for my pyrography ruler.


Time to Relax

Sunday I spent more relaxed, more work on the above socks, but some time out with my Small and Teeny girls to enjoy where we live. This river is literally at the end of our road, and if you pop over and check my Instgram there’s a couple of videos of this crazy pair!


The calm, relaxing river walk prepped me for doing my first Facebook Live over in my group, these will be a regular feature and I loved my first one. More there on those orders I’ve shown above.

Why I Love Monday!

That brings us to Monday, which is always about week prep, and I’ve spent the day here planning and writing, two more posts are planned for the week, even though my girls and I are all off to visit family later in the week!

I’ve always made an effort to do something I enjoy on Monday, to shake that apparent negativity it often holds for people! When I was employed, I always tried to take Monday as my day off, and now as a small business owner I always take time to get away from the chaos of being a Work At Home Mum, of course this involves coffee shops and cake!


Why not set yourself up for a great week by taking even just 10 minutes to do something just for you on a Monday, no matter what the week has in store determine to find some joy in this much maligned day! That will set you up for a fabulous week!

Much love to you all




Indigosky2Knit and More, All in a Blog

Hey all, and welcome to my I2K Blog! I have so much to share with you all, and non of the other mediums seem nearly effective as a blog. Facebook, Instagram and my Etsy shop all serve great purposes, but I have HUGE plans over the coming months and years, and this is going to help reach more people.

First of all, if you want to keep updated, please take a second to Subscribe to my blog, sign up for emails and add me to your bookmarks!

Now, if you don’t know anything about me, I have a more detailed amount of info over in my About section, but just a quick synopsis here for those of you landing on this post.

I am Davina, owner and face behind Indigosky2Knit. IMG_20170604_203658_685 I have 3 kids, 1 husband, 1 boy cat who lives with us, and 2 girls cats who like to pop in occasionally and then follow us to some random part of the town we live in. We live in the fabulous Hebden Bridge in West Yorkshire, a gorgeous, popular little market town, which is renowned for its quirkiness, its passion for keeping business local, and its creativity.

We are a home educating family, so aside from I2K, my husband runs a gardening business, and dabbles in graphics work, our 2 older kids are always off doing some home ed group or meeting friends, or whatever, and the teeny one is a whirlwind, free spirited toddler, who is always wanting to play or run or snuggle with me.

Life is HECTIC, but fun, and always brings joy and creativity to our home!

As well as Indigosky2Knit I am an Independent Consultant for NYR Organics, 20170224_132645-01a UK based, ethical company that I am proud to represent. I host parties on line, through my FB page and through my I2K&More group and in my own, and host/esses, homes throughout my local area. This business had taken a back burner since I was pregnant with the teeny girl, but I am moving forward over the coming months with more parties and more fun. I ultimately want to bring both businesses together in one place, but that’s for future posts and conversations.

For now don’t forget to subscribe, pop over and check out my Etsy shop, and go and like and join my Facebook page and group. All links are in the About section.

Much love

Davina <3