Learn With Me

I am so excited to be at this point. It has been a year in the coming, and there is still a few things I need to work out, but I can’t do that without some beta testers.

For anyone who’s followed me for the last year, you’ll know I have been mentioning starting teaching. I’ve already been teaching children locally for over a year, so now it’s your turn.

Would you like to learn yarn crafts?

Do you have an interest in crafts?

Have you ever wished you could make pieces of clothing for either yourself or family?

Have you looked at a cute baby sweater or seen a scarf and wished you could make it for yourself?

Have you some previous experience with being taught or trying to learn to knit or crochet?

If you have answered yes to one or more of these questions and would like more details on how you can help me to finalise my teaching courses and get 1-to-1 virtual teaching sessions with me, for a fraction of the final fees I’ll be asking, then you can sign up now by clicking the Buy Now button

After payment has been received I will send you all the info on what you’ll get and what is involved. If you would rather chat to me before hand then please fill in the contact form here.

Brief description

In a 3 month period of beta testing you will receive:

1 hour of private video call every week for 3 months (using your preferred method of Skype, Zoom or Messenger. VALUE £130)

Materials supplied for 2 to 3 projects (3 pairs of knitting needles OR 3 crochet hooks, 400g of wool or cotton yarn, project bag and a selection of notions including tape measure, sewing needles, scissors and stitch markers. VALUE up to £60)

Live q&a 2 or 3 times/per week (VALUE £90)

Access to public as well as private, more detailed You Tube videos (VALUE £200)

3 patterns for your 3 projects which are yours to keep and use over and over again (VALUE £15)

Private Facebook group to ask questions, get help and share your progress.

If you join my beta test group for 3 months starting April 1st 2019, you’ll get all this and more for £300 OR 3 payments of £300/month OR 6 payments of £50/month (VALUE £600+). If you would prefer the instalment option please contact me here.

After this 3 month period you will have the required skills to carry on your basic knitting/crochet. Or you can opt to continue for a further 3 months at the further discounted price of £400. After 6 month’s you will hopefully have all the knowledge you need to continue your yarn crafts alone, although you may opt to stay in my yarn craft group to share your experiences and projects with other new members.

Join now

To join me now for this 3 month period for just £300 you can checkout here


Finding Purpose

sub box avatarThis month we marked the anniversary of the realisation I had to face that I was going to lose my mum. In the last 12 months I have lost my mum, almost lost my marriage, almost lost my home, I have almost lost my business and there have been times I just wanted to lose myself.

However, I have been on journey of self discovery. What I found instead of allowing these potentially upsetting and concerning events to upset the rest of my life, was something way more empowering.

I actually started my journey into healing my life around 12 months previously. Somewhere around summer 2017 I was becoming more aware that my past life experiences were affected my now life, and that I was in fact in control of changing how I let them effect me in that now. Some people call it a Spiritual Awakening. Some people call it a Healing Journey. I’m calling it Finding My True Self.

I was making good progress in this when my world was turned upside down by my mum’s quite sudden deterioration in health last year. In some respects it froze me. I used it as an excuse to stay where I was with my life. I used it to hold me back from what I was truly meant to find out about myself.

Of course the Universe has funny ways of making sure you find out your true purpose in life anyway, and this year I have really opened up to what that may be.

I’ve had a whirlwind experience over the last 8 weeks, digging deep into my emotional energy built up over the last 42 years. The experience is called The Spiral and with good reason. Fortunately my guide and help throughout it all, the magical and amazing Georgina Noel has been there to hold my hand (or kick my arse) all the way.

I have realised things I had never realised, but that I always knew. I have undone lots of the damage caused by a religious upbringing I never discuss. I have faced emotions and fears that have almost broken me in the past, but that I have finally released, or at least now have the tools to release.

I am ready to embrace the healer within. I am ready to tap into my true potential. I am ready to bring my true self into the world.

What this means for the future, I haven’t actually fully worked that out yet, but I know I am ready to begin to find out and it’s going to be epic, so watch this space 💜

This is me

This is me, just trying to work it all out. I’ve lots going on in my head right now.

Healing the past, working out what I want now, and endeavouring to release control over my future.

I’m crazy excited about what I’m currently creating, and I’m extremely impatient to have it all planned and sorted NOW!

But what happens when I try and do that? Nothing, abso-fucking-lutely NOTHING.

Why? Because I don’t plan what to do in the now to bring the plans for the future into reality. I just dither around, in my own head, wondering why nothing is coming together, or disappointed that after 1 day of speaking about something it’s not come to anything tangible.

I know I’m not alone in this impatient, so here I am, sharing my story, saying have patience and trust.

Just because your plans don’t succeed now in this minute, doesn’t mean that next week, next month, or even next year, they won’t be flying so fast you need a rocket behind you to keep up 💜

Sign up to my teaching here.

Find the Joy

This photo makes my heart hurt a little. A year ago today the Teeny Girl and I headed off for what would be almost a month in Cumbria to be with my mum, for the final time, and support my dad.
There are so many mixed feelings around this. We had a really beautiful summer, weather wise, Teeny Girl and I had some very happy times together, I loved spending time with my dad in a way I never had before (the 3 youngest members of our respective sibling groups, we just had a pretty awesome time). But of course there were daily trips to see my mum, worry when she went to have surgery 40 miles away, sadness when she stopped eating again and we knew it was close to her passing, and finally that morning not quite 3 weeks later at around 4.30am when my dad came in to say she’d left this physical reality.
Within 1 month I’d have been through all this, and more, and come out the other side ready to be a stronger, happier, even more resilient person. I faced demons from my past head on, I opened up channels to becoming even more self-aware, and I lived to tell the tale.
quotes_creator_20180122_153426632810852.pngOne of the hardest lessons to becoming a happier person is finding the life lessons from these experiences that will bring more joy to your life. I know for a fact my mum would want everything for me that I am currently working towards. She would be proud of how I have come through the other challenges the last 12 months invariable threw at me, and she is still with me in spirit to guide me along the way, along with so many other guides and helpers, both in life and in spirit.
I didn’t mean for that to turn into a blog worth post when it popped up in my Facebook memories, but sometimes when the words start to come it’s good to not stop them, it’s part of the life healing process, and it’s part of who I am. So aside from making my heart hurt a little, that photo brings me great swirls of joy too, because I choose to see life that way 💜
With love mum, you taught me more than you ever knew in this life time, and I am the person I am in a large part thanks to you 💞

Do you know what I do?

I’m just going to take a moment to blow my own trumpet, something that regardless of what you may think I can tell you I don’t do nearly enough of.

Do you know what I do?

I take hand dyed yarn often one of a kind dyes, and I create stunningly beautiful pieces of knitwear. These pieces are often completely unique. In fact due to the nature of hand dyed yarn, even if you have the same design and the same colourway, it’s unlikely it would ever look identical to another piece.

I’m an artist. I’m a creator. And I do these things just for YOU!

Want to know something else? I can help you see why natural fibres will always be better than synthetic fibres, even if you’re vegan, or have an allergy, or even if you think you can’t afford the best.

To top all that off, I can even teach you to create such things of beauty for yourself. I can give you a pair of needles or a crochet hook, and turn you into a badass fibre artist too!

This video barely scratches the surface of the things I’ve created in just the last few years, all hand dyed, all totally unique, all amazing.

This is what I do, and this is worth shouting about. And you can avail yourself of my services over at Indigosky2Knit 💜

Never giving up the dream

Sometimes I can’t quite believe how long it’s been since I opened Indigosky2Knit, but this week saw me hit the 7 years mark.

When I decided to put my skills out there knitting and selling, I didn’t realise the journey I was beginning. Starting out by being told I’d never make an hourly wage doing it was quite literally the worst thing. And you know for a long time I never did make a reasonable hourly wage, not even close to minimum UK wage!

However, during the last 7 years I have learned so much, not just about running a business, but about my own skills, my own self worth, and about hand crafting businesses and the challenges they face. These challenges include helping others to understand why we deserve to be paid well for creating beautiful, often unique, always made with love, products and items. Then there’s the quality of many hand crafted items, the length of time many of them last, even clothing, yes even baby clothing.

Many businesses after years of giving their all, trying and trying to make their businesses work, give up, their spirits broken, dreams crushed. I’ll be honest, I’ve been in that place more than once myself. Weeks of no sales, comments about my prices being too high, that I should use reduced quality materials so I can lower my prices. Non of this is helpful, in fact it’s soul destroying!

IMG_20171003_160155_100-1You know what I’ve learned? I have learned that what I do is awesome! I have learned that I am more than deserving of the prices I now charge, in fact I’ll be charging even more by the end of this year. And I’m in no doubt that I will have more than enough customers willing to pay me for my skills.

In the meantime I’m celebrating the 7 years I’ve had my business, the many lessons I’ve learned and the amazing people I’ve served along the way. I make beautiful knitwear, in beautiful yarns. I can make something for everyone and for any season. Even better than these beautiful things I can make – I can teach YOU to make things for yourself! And really, that is what I want to do most of all 😊💜

We are 7!

Yikes, it is is here again, another year, another birthday!

I’ll be honest with you, it’s not been the easiest 12 months in my personal life here at I2K, but the coming 12 months are going to be my best yet.


So I’m going to start it with a bang! For anyone who doesn’t know Indigosky2Knit shares its birthday with my Big Girly. Today she has reached the big 1-0! So combined with I2K reaching 7 years, I am offering 17% off orders across my shops and website.

For nuMONDAY, Etsy and my own website here the coupon code is I2KBIRTHDAY. However, if you’re shopping from my Heartizan shop all discounts have already been applied. Excludes sale items and tuition, which already have higher discounts 😊

Have a Wonderful Wednesday 💜

Happy New Year 2019

It’s 2019, and that can only mean one thing. It’s time to get real focused on where we are this year. It’s time to achieve some of those goals and dreams that events of 2018 hindered.

So here it is, this year I launch my teaching fully. This year my shop here on my website will grow. I have more self-worth, I have more self-love, and I am remembering every day that I am fulfilling me dreams.

Aside from what I am doing here with Indigosky2Knit, I am completing my aromatherapy and crystal healing training, so I can share some of my healing and empathic love with the world too.

So if you’re a creator, if you’re a lover of all things natural, if you would love more information, guidance or just want to show your support for someone trying to break the mould, then your following, your love and your support are all very much welcome.

Much love and warm wishes


Look for the Good

Here is a thought for the day:
What may be inconvenient to you may be a blessing to someone else.

On Friday we travelled up to spend the weekend before Christmas with me dad. It was a busy journey on a day when it seemed the trains had suffered many delays, and passengers seemed frustrated.

On the other hand we were so grateful for a 8 minute train delay as it meant that we could get a train an hour earlier than we had expected. Due to the times of trains and buses this meant we arrived at my dad’s an hour and a half earlier!

Here is that though: when something seems to causing you an inconvenience, just take a moment to look for a bigger picture. Another person seeing the situation could find a great benefit in that same situation. Of course sometimes that may seem or even be impossible. If that is the case then maybe see if you can learn something yourself from the experience.

OK so am I always calm and peaceful when I suffer train delays? I admit in the many years I’ve travelled around by train, up and down the UK I have definitely had times where I’ve been irritated by delays or cancellations.

However, after recently reading Gabby Bernstein’s book ‘The Universe Has Your Back’ I have been looking at many things differently. I have been looking at experiences that throw my plans out slightly, at delays, or at various challenges in a different way. I have been not only looking for the positives, but also trying to see things from other peoples points of view, and i feel it is doing a lot for changing my perspective, especially when it comes to train journeys (of which I do many each month). Things that could otherwise have been stressful feel much better.

Has it been easy? Well, no not always. Isn’t that all part of working on yourself though? There is always improvement to be made on ourselves and on how we view the experiences life presents us with 💜

Much love to you and have a great holiday time 💜

Davina 💜

Time for change

End of an era

I have been meaning to write this post for some time, but life, death, work, learning, …… just about every excuse and reason imaginable has caused me to either forget on days I’m free to write, or made me remember only at times I haven’t been able to.

Enough of the excuses though. I know they don’t serve me. they literally keep me from my own success because if I’m not providing accurate information, well how can you, dear readers, find out where I am.

So for newbies to me blog, and for oldies who may have been wondering: I am about to close down my Etsy shop and move my products elsewhere. There are a few reason for this, but mainly it is to support UK sites more, and to be more worth the money I pay out in fess. I’m sure you’ll agree that if as an independent business it’s possible to keep overheads down then it’s worth doing.

Anyone who has followed me or seen me on Facebook or Instagram probably already knows. I now have 2 shiny new(ish) shops, on 2 new platforms.

Two New Shops

bespoke knitwear by indigosky2knit

First up is my nuMONDAY shop. I opened this back in May because they were offering free imports of Etsy listings, and with a set monthly fee I didn’t have anything to lose. This is currently where I am concentrating my custom items. That is anything that is made to order at all that was previously listed on Etsy is now in this shop. I almost have everything I used to have there now available and I am working on adding more specific listings over the coming months.

My second new shop is on a brand new marketplace site which opened back in July 2018. The Heartizan Magical Marketplace is another UK based site ran by fellow crafters and makers who have done a great deal of work before they even launched to make the experience for sellers the best they can.

Despite the concerns and stresses of my personal life in the last few months, I have still been able to glean more from the information passed on than in my previous 4 years selling on Etsy. I still have a long way to go, but then aren’t we all as entrepreneurs always learning more about business and best practice for selling ourselves and our products.

So over at Indigosky2knit on Heartizan you can find all my ready to ship items, plus a selection of best sellers. That is anything that I have already made and will be shipped immediately is found over there. In addition to these products I have also decided to add one or two of my best sellers. This includes Breastfeeding Hats, Dragon Scale Gloves and Crocodile Stitch booties. I will also be adding in wool nappy covers and high top baby booties, as well as one or two other items as time goes on.

ready to ship knitwear from Indigosky2knit

For now I just wanted to make sure this information on shop changes was here, before my Etsy shop closes, and anyone coming here from over there can easily find what there looking for about where you can now buy from.

Much love and peace