And so to teaching (and designing)

It is over 6 months now since I first posted about launching my teaching program and put a call out for BETA testers to learn to knit or crochet with me. It then took a few months as I carried on working with my old business mode of creating in stock items and working on marketplaces like Heartizan to bring in custom orders.

It was only as part of my healing journey that I really upped my game, stepped into my fear, and put my teaching out there fully. And what fantastic results there have been!

I have created several videos, specifically for my knitting students as that is what I have right now, and you can find samples of these on my You Tube channel.

Each of these videos is a sample of the full length videos my paying students are getting.

I have also got myself some designs up, as each of my students gets 3 full patterns with their course in their chosen craft. The Garter Stitch Neckwarmer the first proper design my knitting students will work on, and the Serenity Gloves is the most advanced crochet design they will work on. Other designs are being completed over the summer and will be ready to sell separate from the course if you already knit or crochet.

And so with my knitting students in full swing I was super happy to see progress being sam buntingmade as increasing and decreasing was tackled last week. I was over joyed to receive photographs and feedback from the first completed buntings pieces being created.

I am going to write and include each of these triangles for free on my blog in the coming weeks, with the complete Chakra bunting being available once all 7 patterns have been designed.

Better yet was the fantastic feedback:
“Brilliant video Davina Kecun, all of your instructions were very clear and I found it easy to follow. This is my first finished bunting piece.”-Sam.

So after months and months of worry about not being able to work this out, of not having what it takes to create this amazing opportunity for people to learn with me from all over the world, I have such huge success already.

I still need a couple more BETA testers to sign up so I can continue to work on the background side, and this opportunity is still a steal at under £500. It will not be this price forever as with each piece of work I do I realise just how much more value I am giving to you when you sign up.

All the details  of what you get, sign up payment link, and information on payment plans can be found here, so why not take the plunge and come and Learn With Me!

Much love, and I will see you in my virtual teaching classes.

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