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sub box avatarThis month we marked the anniversary of the realisation I had to face that I was going to lose my mum. In the last 12 months I have lost my mum, almost lost my marriage, almost lost my home, I have almost lost my business and there have been times I just wanted to lose myself.

However, I have been on journey of self discovery. What I found instead of allowing these potentially upsetting and concerning events to upset the rest of my life, was something way more empowering.

I actually started my journey into healing my life around 12 months previously. Somewhere around summer 2017 I was becoming more aware that my past life experiences were affected my now life, and that I was in fact in control of changing how I let them effect me in that now. Some people call it a Spiritual Awakening. Some people call it a Healing Journey. I’m calling it Finding My True Self.

I was making good progress in this when my world was turned upside down by my mum’s quite sudden deterioration in health last year. In some respects it froze me. I used it as an excuse to stay where I was with my life. I used it to hold me back from what I was truly meant to find out about myself.

Of course the Universe has funny ways of making sure you find out your true purpose in life anyway, and this year I have really opened up to what that may be.

I’ve had a whirlwind experience over the last 8 weeks, digging deep into my emotional energy built up over the last 42 years. The experience is called The Spiral and with good reason. Fortunately my guide and help throughout it all, the magical and amazing Georgina Noel has been there to hold my hand (or kick my arse) all the way.

I have realised things I had never realised, but that I always knew. I have undone lots of the damage caused by a religious upbringing I never discuss. I have faced emotions and fears that have almost broken me in the past, but that I have finally released, or at least now have the tools to release.

I am ready to embrace the healer within. I am ready to tap into my true potential. I am ready to bring my true self into the world.

What this means for the future, I haven’t actually fully worked that out yet, but I know I am ready to begin to find out and it’s going to be epic, so watch this space 💜

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  1. I’m sorry about your mother. And well done for find your true self, I believe we owe it to ourselves to do so no matter how hard it can be sometimes ♥️

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