Never giving up the dream

Sometimes I can’t quite believe how long it’s been since I opened Indigosky2Knit, but this week saw me hit the 7 years mark.

When I decided to put my skills out there knitting and selling, I didn’t realise the journey I was beginning. Starting out by being told I’d never make an hourly wage doing it was quite literally the worst thing. And you know for a long time I never did make a reasonable hourly wage, not even close to minimum UK wage!

However, during the last 7 years I have learned so much, not just about running a business, but about my own skills, my own self worth, and about hand crafting businesses and the challenges they face. These challenges include helping others to understand why we deserve to be paid well for creating beautiful, often unique, always made with love, products and items. Then there’s the quality of many hand crafted items, the length of time many of them last, even clothing, yes even baby clothing.

Many businesses after years of giving their all, trying and trying to make their businesses work, give up, their spirits broken, dreams crushed. I’ll be honest, I’ve been in that place more than once myself. Weeks of no sales, comments about my prices being too high, that I should use reduced quality materials so I can lower my prices. Non of this is helpful, in fact it’s soul destroying!

IMG_20171003_160155_100-1You know what I’ve learned? I have learned that what I do is awesome! I have learned that I am more than deserving of the prices I now charge, in fact I’ll be charging even more by the end of this year. And I’m in no doubt that I will have more than enough customers willing to pay me for my skills.

In the meantime I’m celebrating the 7 years I’ve had my business, the many lessons I’ve learned and the amazing people I’ve served along the way. I make beautiful knitwear, in beautiful yarns. I can make something for everyone and for any season. Even better than these beautiful things I can make – I can teach YOU to make things for yourself! And really, that is what I want to do most of all 😊💜

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