Look for the Good

Here is a thought for the day:
What may be inconvenient to you may be a blessing to someone else.

On Friday we travelled up to spend the weekend before Christmas with me dad. It was a busy journey on a day when it seemed the trains had suffered many delays, and passengers seemed frustrated.

On the other hand we were so grateful for a 8 minute train delay as it meant that we could get a train an hour earlier than we had expected. Due to the times of trains and buses this meant we arrived at my dad’s an hour and a half earlier!

Here is that though: when something seems to causing you an inconvenience, just take a moment to look for a bigger picture. Another person seeing the situation could find a great benefit in that same situation. Of course sometimes that may seem or even be impossible. If that is the case then maybe see if you can learn something yourself from the experience.

OK so am I always calm and peaceful when I suffer train delays? I admit in the many years I’ve travelled around by train, up and down the UK I have definitely had times where I’ve been irritated by delays or cancellations.

However, after recently reading Gabby Bernstein’s book ‘The Universe Has Your Back’ I have been looking at many things differently. I have been looking at experiences that throw my plans out slightly, at delays, or at various challenges in a different way. I have been not only looking for the positives, but also trying to see things from other peoples points of view, and i feel it is doing a lot for changing my perspective, especially when it comes to train journeys (of which I do many each month). Things that could otherwise have been stressful feel much better.

Has it been easy? Well, no not always. Isn’t that all part of working on yourself though? There is always improvement to be made on ourselves and on how we view the experiences life presents us withΒ πŸ’œ

Much love to you and have a great holiday time πŸ’œ

Davina πŸ’œ

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