My Biggest Why

It’s been a hard 2 weeks here at Indigosky2Knit HQ. A little over 2 weeks ago my mum was taken to hospital after several days of not being able to eat properly, not keeping what she did eat down, and slowly getting more and more withdrawn.

After a week in hospital we got the news that she has a tumour in her stomach with spreading to her liver. This news at the age of 81,mum with progressive dementia too, leaves treatment options in question. While we have been waiting to hear what the doctors have discussed about her family and friends have been trying to come to terms with the information.

As I’ve previously discussed my relationship with my mum has had it’s ups and downs, but she taught me many things that make me the woman and mum I am today, and much of how she was as a strong woman have brought me to my choices with my own life, knowing my own mind, wanting to stay home with my children, and doing what I know in my heart is right.

I know she would have chosen to home educate my sisters and myself had she known back in the 1960’s and 70’s that she could. She I know she was proud with the way I chose to set girlsmy own business and not leave my children to go out and work, she’d done the same. I do wish she could grasp now the work I am trying to do to build my business to be better and give opportunities, better than the ones I had, to my own girls.

I know that whatever happens now here spirit will continue to watch over me, be with me and my memories of her, despite the hard ones, will keep me as the strong woman I am, determined to give my Biggest Why’s the life they deserve <3

Much love to you all


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