I am the owner and founder of Indigosky2Knit. I have been knitting since my eldest sister announced her first pregnancy when I was just 7 years old. I2K was first conceived as an idea while I knitted for my own first baby 24 years later.

I love knitting and with over 30 years experience under my belt I offer quality items you can trust. I rekindled my love for knitting in 2009 when my own first baby was born. I decided shortly after my second came along in 2011 that it was time I started making for others too. After making a couple of gifts for friends they exclaimed how lovely everything was and encouraged me to set up I2K and sell some of what I make. As a cloth nappy user (diapers to my American friends) I have a love of pure wool, which makes excellent nappy covers, adorable clothing you can use over a cloth nappy, but that keeps your baby dry too. I absolutely love making squishy woolly things for others. It is my aim to make handknitted items affordable for all, so if you’re on a budget I’m here to help ♥

I am a mum working at home (MWAH) with 3 children, a husband, 3 cats and a home to look after. I work my knitting around family commitments, including the home eductiom of our children, and with this in mind they will always come first. My turnaround time for large custom items averages 4 weeks, which often includes the time it takes for yarn to arrive with me, smaller items are usually worked on a turnaround of 3 weeks or less. If you ever need anything by a specific date, please let me now and I will do my best to accommodate you.
Anything very large or requiring 40 hours of work will be completed in around 8 weeks maximum from any yarn I need arriving with me.

I have many years experience in the art of knitting and am willing to undertake any item on request. I can also crochet, and while I’ve not been doing this nearly as long, still pride myself on the quality of what I make. I absolutely love a challenge and will give anything a go.

I originally started out in April 2009 with just a Facebook page, but as of January 2014 all orders are taken exclusively through Etsy. There are custom slots listed for all items and more added as and when I complete items. There is also a collection of ready made items. If you see something made previously and would like me to replicate it then please just drop me a message here or on Etsy. I Am willing discuss making anything on a Your Yarn My Needles (YYMN) basis including adult clothing, please just convo me for availability of slots if there are non listed on the shop.

Much love and warm wishes
Davina Kecun (I2K MWAH)